Monday, October 13, 2008

Christina & Ryan Trash the Dress

I learned a few lessons from this Trash the Dress session with the amazing Christina and Ryan. Evidently, those fire escape ladders are sometimes wired to a fire alarm. One of the above images is of Christina and Ryan looking over as about five guys with walkie talkies are explaining to me that it is not OK to pull down a fire escape ladder and have your clients climb up three stories for a cool picture. But it was going to be such a cool picture.

I also learned to my amazement that a beautiful woman in a wedding dress does not automatically get everything she wants. We tried to go aboard a ship named "The Christina". I wanted an image of Christina standing under her name on this yacht that was probably seventy feet long. The captain told a guy with a walkie talkie to tell Christina "No, with a capital 'N'". I wanted to know if the "o" was lower case but the guy didn't ask the captain. We were not getting lucky with walkie talkies today. To be fair, the captain didn't actually set eyes on Christina. Otherwise, he would have let her aboard, right?

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