Monday, June 26, 2006

Carole and Will Wedding

We went to France to photograph Carole and Will's wedding. It was amazing. I usually shoot in toned black and white but the colors of the chapel and the chateau were just beautiful. I've never used so much color in my life.
There was another photographer there shooting formal portraits and I got some shots of him posing the couple.
We had a fantasic trip and it was a fantastic wedding.
Here's a link to the album.

We went to France shoot a wedding at the beginning of the month. We all had a blast, especially the kids. I vastly underestimated them. Dash was curious and interested in the architecture, language, and culture of France that belies his scant six years of age. Magali also had fun and they were both very well behaved. It couldn't have gone better.
I made a little photo album of our trip. That can be viewed here:
France 2006