Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vanessa and Billy Engagement

They're rock stars. Sheryl was admiring a tattoo on Vanessa's ankle while Billy was on the phone. Vanessa said it was Billy's name. Billy notices Sheryl shooting images of Vanessa's foot and just walks right over, while he's on the phone, lifts up her foot and licks it.

HERE'S their engagement album I made.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anahita & Mehdi Engagement

Harvard Square is a meaningful place to Anahita and Mehdi and a fabulous place to take pictures. We had a great time walking around the university and down by the river. We walked passed the "cloud" fountain in the beginning and I joked about them walking into it. Anahita said, "Could we do it at the end?" So I thought, "This couple is going to be fun..."

After a great shoot we ended up at the fountain and I held Mehdi's wallet and in they went. A small croud of onlookers were pointing and laughing. The kids playing in the fountain saw nothing at all unusual about a couple of fully clothed adults dancing in the fountain.

The wedding ceremony will be a mixture of traditional Iranian and American culture. It's going to be great :)

HERE'S an album I made from their engagement shoot.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Melissa and Lou Engagement

Man, here are a couple of fearless rock stars.  Melissa and Lou are totally comfortable with themselves and each other.  This was such an easy, fun shoot.  We walked around Beacon Hill and downtown stopping to kiss a lot along the way... Melissa and Lou, I mean... me, not so much.  :)

HERE'S an album I made for them.