Monday, March 10, 2008

Improper Bostonian Ad

We just put a half page ad in the latest wedding issue of Improper Boston. It may have turned out to be a mis-step because the "Wedding Issue" doesn't have a bride on the cover. Nor does it say "Wedding Issue" on the cover. Nor are there many articles inside about weddings... Ugh. So far we've gotten no calls from potential clients but we got three calls from other magazines who want us to advertise with them.

I don't know about advertising...

But doesn't the ad look cool? It's Rene and Brendan. My brother, Marc,
came up with the slogan and the layout, etc. He's great at this.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Briana and Ric Wedding

A few weeks ago we shot the wedding of Briana and Ric. The wedding was amazingly beautiful and cool despite the church and reception hall not being amazingly beautiful and cool. Briana and Ric made up for it all with their enthusiasm and love of life and each other.

HERE is a link to their album I just finished last night.