Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa's Coming

The kids are beside themselves with excitement and joy about Santa coming tonight. We went out to dinner and as soon as we got home they raced each other to the bathroom to brush teeth and wash faces. They jumped into bed immediately and then Magali kept coming out into the living room to remind Sara that Sara should go to bed SOON, so Santa can come.

We get hired by the coolest, sweetest people. Today Allison and Matt, whose wedding we photographed in October, brought me a plate full of homemade cookies and brownies. They were amazing and I ate them all with my family and didn't give any to Erica :)

Dash's favorite thing on the plate was this cookie made of chocolate, peanuts, and marshmallows. He decided to give Santa one of those cookies and also half of his candy cane that he had been saving all day.

After he made this decision he asked me if Santa might be allergic to peanuts. I told him Santa was probably not allergic. But after we got home Dash wrote a note that he put on the plate he had made for Santa. The note says, "Help Yourself. Turn Over." and when you turn the folded page over it says, "Chocolate has peanuts Santa." He then put some apples in the plate along with a note that says, "Apple's for reindeer."

Sara likes to get new pajamas for the kids on Christmas Eve. Here are some pictures of those as well.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Briana and Ric Engagement

We went to the beautiful little town of Hopedale, MA to photograph Briana and Ricardo. We started in their cute little Mini Cooper and ended in an awesome forest at dusk.

They are super cool and seriously in love- just easygoing and easy to shoot. The wedding is going to be fantastic.

HERE is an album we put together of the day.

Stacy and Jonah Engagement

We had a great time walking around Boston with Stacy and Jonah. Such a cool couple. Such a cool city. A perfect match :)

HERE is a little album we put together.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Amanda and David's Party

Amanda and David got married in Hawaii. Nice. No, we didn't get to go. But they had a black tie party when they returned and asked us to photograph it. It was gorgeous and fun. Lots of amazing food, dancing, and laughing.

HERE is a little album we made of the event.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Allison and Matt Wedding

We just finished Allison and Matt's album from their wedding in October. They are the sweetest, most genuine couple. They wrote their own vows and they could barely fight back the tears as they read them. I was totally choked up as well. Seriously, this is true love. Not a bad couple to look at either... or photograph :)

Here's a LINK to the album we made for them.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Christina and Ryan Engagement

A few weeks ago we tromped around Marblehead, Mass with Christina and Ryan. The place is amazing. We started at this little rock beach and jumped along the cliffs and rocks against the sea. Then we walked through the town of Marblehead- a little fairy tale town. Christina and Ryan are super cool. Lots of laughing and goofing around. Can't wait for the wedding.

Click HERE to see the engagement album we made.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Andrea and Kevin Wedding

Andrea and Kevin's wedding was great. Her family was super cool (and hilarious). Her sister wrote the program and it says at the top that it will not be a full Mass. Near the end it is written:

Are you thinking, "For something that's not a full Mass, this thing is really starting to walk like a duck..."? Have you checked your watch yet? Hv U snt a txt? Relax: It's almost Miller Time.

Everybody was lovely and super nice to us. We're very happy with the images...

Here's a LINK to their album:

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Wedbsite

I've got a brand new website. I had some major problems with my old host so I went with a new company and just published the site yesterday. I still need to add galleries for Children, Portraits, and Fine Art. That will be coming soon. But, for now, there are galleries for Weddings and Engagements and several of our latest albums.

Here's a LINK.

Rene and Brendan Wedding

We went to Nantucket to photograph Rene and Brendan's wedding and, man, it was awesome! The wedding itself was perfect- great people, relaxed atmosphere, everyone had fun. I brought my family and we made it into a mini vacation. We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast and the day after the wedding Sara, Dash, Magali, and Erica and I walked around Nantucket and window shopped.

Here's a LINK to the album we made for Rene and Brendan.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sabriya and Patrick Wedding

Sabriya and Patrick's wedding was at Rosecliff, a beautiful mansion on the beach in Rhode Island. Everything was just splendid and beautiful. But nothing outshined the beauty of thier children and family. Everyone was kind and inviting. It was an amazing night.

Here's a LINK to the album we just finished.