Friday, September 28, 2007

Cristin and John Wedding

Cristin and John's wedding was the coolest ever! Seriously, she had black nail polish, the bridesmaids got skull rings, the limo was a 50s Jaguar- just everything was cool. John had most of his family from Ireland over, some for the first time in the US. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly- we really made some friends. Thanks a million Cristin and John.

HERE is their album.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lorri and Dave Wedding

A few weeks ago we went to New Hampshire to create some images for Lorri and Dave's wedding. They are the most calm, understated couple I've ever met. Lorri was fantastic when everything didn't go perfectly. She was there to have fun and to make sure that everyone else had fun and she succeeded brilliantly.

We had a fantastic time and loved getting to know your clan, Lorri. Thanks!

Here's a LINK to Lorri and Dave's preliminary album.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Magali's First Day of School

Today was Magali's first official day of kindergarten. She's been ready for years. She has gone with us to the school for two years to pick up Dash and has made friends with many teachers and is very comfortable with the layout of the school. This morning she told Sara, "If you want you can just drop us off in front of the school and we can go in by ourselves. You don't even have to come in."

But we did come in. It was very difficult to say goodbye to Dash on the first day of school for him. Here's a LINK to that.

But we were ready with Magali. It felt like a mini vacation. Sara and I just had each other for a few hours. It was very nice. I may have to try to wake up earlier more often to take advantage of it.

Anyway, Magali had a great time at school. Dash is really diggin' his second grade class as well. They both seem very happy about school. And that's what we want.

Click HERE for some more recent pictures.