Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melisa and Michael Engagement, Wedding, and Trash the Dress!

This wonderful couple represents a lot of firsts for us. It's the first Trash the Dress session we've ever done. For those unfamiliar, a Trash the Dress (TTD) is where, after the wedding, the bride and groom get dressed up in their wedding finery and meet us in a place that would be unlikely for a newlywed couple to be to get some cool images. Sometimes it's rolling around in the ocean. Sometimes it's playing in the mud in a swamp. In this case, it was the carnival! We followed Melisa and Michael as they went on the rides, got cotton candy, threw balls at bottles, rang bells with hammers, made out in the ticket booth, etc. all the while being stared at by the people at the fair. Strangers kept asking us if they were really married, and if they could take a picture with their cell phones! It was such a blast.

It was also the first wedding album I've made where I incorporated text into the design. Melisa and Michael wanted their vows and some cool quotes interspersed. I usually include a photograph of the vows but have never actually used text in the design. I'm very happy with it and plan to do more of this in the future.

This is also the first time we've done multiple sessions in one album. Melisa and Michael wanted the engagement session, wedding, and TTD to be one story.

We had so much fun with Melisa and Michael... we're trying to invent new ways to photograph them. I want to go the carnival every couple of weeks or so :)

HERE'S a link to the album I made them.

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Anonymous said...

love the idea of the one big album. very cute! looking forward to my TTD pics!!!!!